A New and Fun Activity Program:

Singles Spark!

Exclusive Events for Vibrant Singles 50+ in King of Prussia and Local areas


Are you 50 or above and looking to rekindle the spark in your love life?  Or maybe meet new friends while having fun?  Welcome to Singles Spark, where fun activities, dancing, and super socializing meet in the heart of the Philly suburbs! Hosted by NuSpark Party DJ Paul Mosenson, our events are designed exclusively for singles like you who are eager to connect, dance, engage in great conversation, and spark unforgettable moments.

Welcome to

Singles Spark!

  • Tailored Experiences: Our events are curated for the 50+ crowd, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to meet like-minded singles.
  • Central Location: Conveniently held in King of Prussia, our venue is the perfect meeting spot for singles from all over the Philly suburbs.
  • Professional DJ Services: Enjoy an evening filled with your favorite songs that NuSpark Party DJ has expertly mixed to keep the dance floor busy and the conversation flowing.
  • Safe and Welcoming Environment: Safety and respect are at the forefront of every event, ensuring a positive experience for everyone
  • Diverse Activities: From themed dance nights to casual mixers, we offer a variety of events to spark connections and fun.

Finding love later in life can feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Singles Spark is here to light the way with events designed for individuals 50 and older who are looking to meet new people, enjoy great music, and perhaps find that special someone. Whether you’re newly single, divorced, or simply ready to mingle, our events provide the perfect backdrop to connect with others who share your enthusiasm for life and love.

Don’t let another moment pass you by. Join us at Singles Spark and discover the joy of meeting new people in a fun, relaxed, and romantic setting.

Second Event: July 13.

Next Event: TBD



To your favorites of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s


Let’s find out how special and unique you are


Covers music, movies, and TV topics


We have all the hits; what do you think?


Sports Debate!


“Celebrity who’s sexier?”

The Venue

To start, the venue selected is the social room at Valley Forge Towers in King of Prussia.  Paul the DJ lives there, and so it’s easy to bring the equipment down. Paul is known to run many fun meetup groups since 2020; Zoom Dancing. Zoom Relationships. Zoom Comedy. Zoom Puzzles. Dance the Night Away, and Do Fun Stuff. His passion is making people happy, and giving them a good time; a memorable time.

The Details

  • Because the room is a rental; we will need to charge a modest fee ($20).  As events occur we will post a ticket link. To monitor the count; tickets will be only available via the ticket site and not at the door.
  • NuSpark Party DJ is fully insured.
  • Alcohol is OK. Bring wine or a drink. For yourself or sharing.  The focus is about meeting people, and enjoying top-notch entertainment and dancing as well, plus other games and activities.
  • Ideal structure: 9 20-minute segments-  5 for pure mingling with music background.  4 for interactive fun and gameplay.  Always subject to change.
  • Food.  Feel free to bring your own food.  NuSpark DJ will be bringing a variety of snacks and beverages as long as the revenue generated is above the room fee. 

Upcoming Events

$20 Per Ticket

Hurry: 30 Person Cap!

Our ticketing vendor

Paul Mosenson stands out as a dynamic DJ and an engaging leader in organizing meetup group events. His journey as a DJ showcases his deep passion for music and his ability to create an electrifying atmosphere for every event. With a rich and varied musical repertoire, Paul ensures that each performance is not just about playing tracks but about crafting unforgettable experiences. His skill in seamlessly blending genres caters to a diverse audience, making him a favorite for various events, from private parties to larger community gatherings.

Beyond the turntables, Paul’s role as a group leader in meetups highlights his talent for bringing people together. He has a knack for organizing and leading events that are not just fun, but also foster a sense of community and connection among attendees.


Come home with a phone number, a Facebook friend, or at least, a smile!

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