FAQ & Pricing

Why Choose Me

Here are many of the reasons that you should choose me for your party or affair.

  • All the 1000s of songs I have in my collection are digitized and stored on my cloud, giving me the opportunity to create custom playlists for your event, and then can easily choose new songs at a moment’s notice.
  • Meticulous matching of requested songs and custom playlists to the ages and or theme of your event. If it’s a celebration for those over 70, for example, there will be an emphasis on music from the 50s to 70s. If the age group is mixed, we can rotate various genres and artists.  It’s not unlike me to play Bruno Mars, Earth, Wind & Fire, and an oldie like The Twist back to back!
  • Flexibility and adaptability. I will handle events big and small.  Again, music and themes can be switched quickly. From background music during a dinner, to fun dance music, to romantic slow dances, with a few fun surprises along the way (like my special Birthday playlist).
  • Modern Equipment. Your event will include the latest in powered loud speakers, a sophisticated mixer, and of course all that music within my cloud, organized by theme and playlist category. In addition, I can come with a karaoke machine if you dare.
  • I am competitive with pricing; you’ll find that the value/price will be easy on your budget.
What do you charge?

Pricing for a party DJ shouldn’t be too complicated.  You have too much to worry about with planning your event.  So, we make it simple.

  • $200 for the first hour, or a one hour event.
  • $125 per hour for more than one hour
What events do you specialize in?

Whatever you need, I’ll be there to entertain your party and guests. So, that includes weddings, corporate functions, family parties, senior events, and more.

What events will you not do?

I don’t get involved with children’s parties, bars, or nightclubs. I will do proms however.

Can I pick my music?

Of course, you can.  We can mix traditional with alternative music mixes. I’ll mix and match. Its your party, and we want to ensure everyone gets their turn on the dance floor.  You may have your favorites, and I will also make recommendations based on the nature of the event and the attendees.  Because of my historical knowledge of all genres of music, rest assured your music-mix will be appropriate and fun!

What equipment do you bring?

I only work with high quality professional audio gear.  That includes state of the art powered speakers.  My mixer is top of the line, which inputs for 4 microphones for karaoke, and over 20 sound effect options. I’ll also provide a microphone for presentations and announcements. As a digital DJ, all music is played off my laptop using professional DJ software. This means I can play virtually any song that is requested ahead of time or at a moment’s notice.  I do have an HD monitor for Karoke as well as a full library of over 1,000 songs for Karoke fun!

When do you arrive at events?

I’ll typically get there an hour to an hour and a half early to set up and prepare.

How loud is your music?

During cocktail and dinner hour, the music is played at a comfortable level. We understand that this is a time when conversation between your guests is at its’ peak. We want your guests to enjoy their conversation along with the music and we play at a level that’s conducive to both. When it’s time to dance, the speakers are re-positioned for optimal sound coverage on the dance floor. Our goal is to ensure the guest have good conversation without having to scream!  At the same time give your dancers a wonderful experience with great music.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we carry full liability insurance for your protection and ours.

How do we get started?

It’s a simple process once we decide to work together.

  • We meet in-person or, if out of town, via video conferencing, to review the details of your event; the theme, the location, the logistics, the personas of your guests, in order to set the stage of what types of music make sense.
  • We review multiple genres, playlists, and specific song requests, and from their I will set-up custom playlists for your special event. Our planning worksheet will include many choices. I need at least 2 weeks prior to the event to create the playlists. Keep in mind I can play requests quickly, so song selection flexibility is a key.
  • Then I prepare a simple contract, detailing the services and stipulations of our agreement.   There will be a 50% deposit required to seal our deal.
Download Contract
What do you need from us?

The most common needs are a large table for equipment, electricity (near outlets), an Internet log-in and password from the venue.

What is your style?

Always professional of course.  I am not loud or obnoxious. I am low-key, but do enjoy fun, and I need to be excused for an occasional bad pun!  Rest assured your guest will enjoy the event; it’s all about the music and the enjoyable atmosphere.