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Who I am.

In my late 50s, I have been collecting hit records since my teens, and I have every major top 30 hit song since the 1920s! Music is my passion, and I continue to collect today. My music history knowledge is second-to-none.  I live in Montgomery County, PA, but will DJ across Philadelphia, the Main Line, New Jersey, the Delaware Valley, and beyond.

  • Anniversary parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Holiday events
  • Reunions
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Just Fun!

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Hi, I’m Paul Mosenson, and welcome to NuSpark PartyDJ. Looking for the right DJ for your event? I am offering you a unique DJ service, so learn more about me, and don’t hestitate to call me for any questions.

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    Paul’s choice of music and professionalism was second to none. He DJ’d my parents 50th anniversary party and played all the favorites. They loved old Big Band as well as those old 60s tunes.  I would certainly recommend him for your family party.
    Matt M

    Springfield, PA

    We used NuSpark DJ for my daughter’s wedding because we wanted someone who could play all sorts of music for various age groups in our family. We had a wonderful time and Paul’s approach was just great for the reception.  Choose Paul for your wedding!
    Lisa G

    Chester Springs, PA

    We hired Paul Mosenson, the NuSpark Party DJ, for our wedding in June 2018 and we couldn’t have been happier.  We had a wide variety of ages at our wedding and he was able to please everyone with dance hits, fast and slow, of all eras.  His professionalism and attention to detail was top-notch.  Not only that he added a touch of humor during his wedding announcements that was just perfect for our guests.  We loved his flexibility and the perfect music mixes he created. We recommend him highly for anyone looking for the perfect wedding DJ.
    Paige S.

    Chester County, PA

    Paul was the DJ for my mom’s 90th birthday party, and he did a wonderful job with a great music mix.  We had a number of age groups present, and Paul played music hits for all, from Big Band to today’s charts. He was professional and super to work with.  He got us dancing, and even sang “Young at Heart” to my mom!  I would recommend him certainly for anyone out there planning a family event!”


    Jennie C.

    Glenolden PA

    I was looking for a professional DJ for my wedding who could play dance hits for all the ages at our reception. Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Party DJ was our selection. He did a great job of getting everyone dancing with an ideal music selection. And he played all of our requests. We enjoyed his music mix and recommend him.
    Karen M.

    Collegeville, PA

    I planned a surprise 60th  birthday party for my husband at a local restaurant, and needed a DJ who could provide playlists of older songs from the 60s and 70s. Then I found Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Party DJ.  He was great to work with. Everybody enjoyed hearing their favorites during our event.  He was very personable and professional.  I recommend him highly for your event
    Cheryl J.

    Malvern, PA

    We were looking for a great DJ and found Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Party DJ to perform for us.  He was great- knew when to slow it down, and knew when to pick it up with all our favorite dance songs. He was charming and funny too!  We recommend him highly
    Mary P

    Philadelphia PA

    I planned my own 50th Birthday party in Horsham and needed a DJ who was reasonable priced and could play hit dance tunes for all sorts of ages. So I hired Paul Mosenson to be our DJ.  He played a perfect blend of favorites as well as Italian dinner music!  And must say we liked that he was out on the dance floor looking good and encouraging others as well.  I will always remember this day.  Thanks Paul
    Marisa B

    Horsham Pa

    We were looking for a professional DJ who could play a wide variety of songs for our wedding; from the 70s to today’s line dances. We were so happy to choose Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Party DJ.  His music collection is amazing and the mix was perfect for all ages.  He was very professional. We enjoyed his version of “Love and Marriage” at the end.  We certainly recommend him.
    Mary T.

    Mayfair, PA

    We celebrated our 40th Anniversary and needed a DJ that could play to all of our age groups, and so we picked Paul Mosenson. He was very accommodating with our suggested playlists and was flexible when he needed to. Everybody had a great time, so thanks Paul for your help in our event. Certainly recommended.


    John F.

    New Jersey

    Paul did a great job at our 50th Reunion for JFK HS at the Adelphia Restaurant in October 2019. He had a great selection of music for us during our dinner and got the party going after dinner with some great dancing music. We had about 120 people and everyone loved him.
    Pat M.


    Paul offered to be our DJ for the Wilmington Walk To End Alzheimer’s this month and he entertained over 1600 people for hours and did an outstanding job. He preferred to customize the play list for our event and it was perfect! Paul knows how to reach an audience. Everyone from kids to grandparents thoroughly enjoyed his music. I highly recommend Paul for anyone looking for a great musical experience. 

    Jody Tinsely

    Alzheimer's Association Walk Manager DE/SJ

    We were looking for a DJ with enthusiasm, and also flexible to our needs since many of the attendees were of Indian descent. He did a great job of playing Bollywood music during dinner than dance hits afterward for the crowd. Everyone had fun. I’d recommend Paul for your wedding!

    Malvern, PA

    We were looking for a DJ to celebrate our wedding now that things have opened up, and found Paul Mosenson.  He played all of our favorites and requests, and provided a fun atmosphere. He did a nice job and we recommend him.  Thanks Paul!
    Sydney F.


    I was looking for a flexible DJ to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday and hired Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Party DJ, to perform at our venue. He was very responsive, professional, and liked how he mixed up the music from all eras to appeal  to all of our age groups. I’d certainly recommend him for your event
    Dan Ruble

    Medford NJ

    Paul did a great job of mixing up the music covering the 60s, 70s, and 80s, for my mom’s 70th birthday party. Everyone had fun and the choices were great.

    Glen Mills

    Our institution had a wonderful charity event and needed a DJ to provide dance music for the crowd.  We hired Paul Mosenson; he was attentive, professional, and was able to pivot to today’s hits as needed for the younger crowd.  Need a DJ who can play all types of music and get the crowd on the floor?  Hire Paul!
    Winter Gocke

    Wallingford, PA

    We planned a Bucknell sorority reunion in late 2019 and finally pulled it off in Spring 2022. Paul Mosenson, NuSparkPartyDJ was with us all the way through, pre and post Covid. His mix of music was spot on, and was able to play requests easily.  We had a blast, and it was great to see everyone. Paul was great and certainly recommended for any type of reunion. Until next time!
    Megan Sullivan

    Bucknell reunion

    We needed a DJ for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and we wanted someone flexible and knows music from all decades. Luckily we found Paul Mosenson and hired him to perform in July. We ended up having half the attendees indoors and half outside at the Yacht Club, so Paul strategically used the venue’s stereo system to Bluetooth one playlist with his phone for the indoor crowd, and another more upbeat playlist using his speakers and mixer for the outdoor crowd.  It was amazing!  We glad we hired Paul!
    Lauren Kuzsnir


    I celebrated my 50th birthday with all my friends and family and used Paul Mosenson as my DJ- was very flexible and really got them dancing.  He was on the dance floor too and got us all going!  Highly recommended!
    Coreen Ballisty


    It was my wife’s 40th surprise party, but we were having all ages at the event.  I needed a DJ who knew 90s music, and well as other genres. I found Paul, the NuSpark Party DJ, as the perfect DJ to entertain us.  Played requests. Mixed it up. Recommended highly. 

    Robert Carfagno

    Phoenixville PA

    Loved having Paul DJ our wedding! Believe it or not I met my husband 62 years ago!  We finally got married.  Paul played a nice mix of oldies and crooners.  Was an Italian theme. Perfect.  Highly recommended.
    Marilyn Uzzo

    Pennsauken, NJ

    It was our 50th anniversary and we were looking for a DJ to play dance hits for our party.  We found Paul Mosenson, NuSpark PartyDJ and glad we did.  He played a great blend of music covering all genres.  The younger ones at the party enjoyed the line dances, and the older folks enjoyed the slow dances.  We highly recommend Paul if you need a great, flexible DJ who knows all the hits!”
    Steve Cassell

    Telford PA

    “We found Paul to be our DJ; he’s a musical historian and has playlists across all generations, and that was perfect for our wedding.  Plus his personality and charm were pluses.  It’s good to have a DJ who can judge the crowd and pivot to new kinds of music as needed; to keep the party hopping. Thanks Paul”


    Kristin Hammond


    “I needed a DJ for my partner’s 70th birthday and we found Paul Mosenson, who knew we wanted to play dance hits across many decades, but mostly the 70s. It was a great playlist; we even played the live version of Freebird to finish the event (a request). He’s highly recommended. Thanks Paul!”


    Peggy Croll